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Parties on a Budget!

Parties on a Budget!

Kids parties…. Im not sure who enjoys them more, the kids or the mum's planning.
The rule in our house is one birthday party a year (for the family). It has worked out so far that my kids will get one once every 5 years, once me and my husbands birthdays were thrown into the mix.
I love planning parties and getting creative. But I am also on a very strict budget so aim to do things as cheaply as possible! Here some ideas for my kids parties over the years.
Savannah's 1st Birthday Garden Tea Party
Girls First Birthday
Bikkies – Simple and I think fairly effective. I bought a “stamper” kit from our local cheap shop, made shortbread and bought pre-made fondant. Quicker than it appears, I am normally NOT good at fondant.
Girls first birthday party
Garden Bunting – It helps I can sew. I used a whole heap of scrap fabric to make floral bunting to line our yard.
Girls first birthday cake
Cake – Fake flowers, name plaque, white chocolate mud cake
and buttercream.
Tablecloth – Fabric! Simple, buy off the rack at your local fabric shop. If you don’t have a sewing machine, I wouldn’t even worry about finishing the edges. It will only be used for a couple of hours.
Party Bags – I collected baby food jars (and cleaned them) and filled them with homemade strawberry jam. I am not a fan of lollies in party bags, my kids come home hyper enough as it is! And strawberry
jam was one of Savannah's favourite  foods, so seems fitting!
 Girls cake smash
Cake Smash – Its so easy to DIY! All you need is a white wall and a cake! I made the tutu myself. Doesn’t need a sewing machine, or even a needle. Google “how to make a tutu”.
Harrisons First Birthday Woodland Theme
 Boys first birthday party
Table Decorations – I bought random “grass” and bits and pieces off Ebay.
Woodland Birthday Party
Cake – This was actually a woollies mud cake hack!
3 pre-bought white chocolate cakes piled on top of each other with buttercream!
Woodland Birthday Party
Forest Friends Sign – We scored a free pallet, my husband made it, I painted it. I then sold it on a buy swap sell page for $10 after the party! 
Teepee and mat – I had at home! Teepee is Kmart. Mat is Vim and Vigor (find them on instagram!)

woodland birthday party
Party Bags – I sewed a range of bonnets in different animals. Every kid (or parent) picked a bonnet at the start of the party, this was their take home gift.
Williams 5th Birthday BMX Theme
This was a very rush job party! I held it at our local skate park and encouraged all the kids to bring their bikes or scooters. Photos was NOT my strong point.
Boys birthday cake
Invites – I made them on Canva!
Take home bags – I made them in publisher. “Thanks for coming, I had a “wheely” good time’. They included little bike toys in found on Ebay.
To fit the “bikie” theme I created:
A bikie tattoo parlour with personalised tattoos (off Ebay)
Drinks for “sponsors” (parents)
Made some number plates and laminated and stuck them on all the kids bikes
boys bmx party
Tip! We had the birthday party in the afternoon. I know what its like having kids fill up on party food at 4pm so instead of doing a cook up of party food, I just got my husband to cook sausages at the park. Parents were very grateful that dinner was cooked!
Adult Parties
mens 30th birthday
Tips for adult parties (turns out I had so much fun I didn’t take ANY photos)
  • Hay Bails add a really cute touch and make great seating. We borrowed ours!
  • Our most effective food was a Taco Bar! I pre-cooked a heap of mince and cut vegies earlier in day. Means there is no one cooking for the party, and it is a fairly affordable choice. Another one that has worked well is gourmet hot dogs. A heap of sausages, hotdog rolls and then think, cheese, bacon, onion etc.
  • "Clean Skin" bottles of wine are MUCH cheaper if you are providing alcohol for a party
  • Adults (esp men) don’t love to sit down. I hired bar tables for our yard, was cheaper than a heap of chairs and meant I could fit more people in, in a fairly small space.

mens 30th birthday


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