Everleigh Dreamland Collection Bundle


Everleigh Dreamland! Create a haven of serenity and enchantment in your nursery with our ethereal collection. Inspired by the magic of dreams, our bedding sets feature whimsical designs and soft, dreamy hues that will transport your little one to a world of wonder with every sleep. From bath time to bedtime stories, our Everleigh Dreamland collection offers a range of cozy essentials crafted with the highest quality materials for your baby's comfort. Bring the beauty of dreams to life in your nursery with Savannah & Three's Everleigh Dreamland collection today!

Are you absolutely in love with our latest designs? We've created something special just for you – our irresistible bundles! Each bundle not only brings together every item you adore but also treats you to an exclusive discount. Perfect, right?

Discover our seven new designs, each featuring a thoughtfully curated collection:

  • 1 x Fitted Cot Sheet
  • 1 x Bassinet Sheet/Change Mat Cover
  • 1 x Muslin Wrap
  • 1 x Playmat

Please note, our enchanting Everleigh Dreamland set is priced uniquely due to its special features. Unfortunately, towels are not available in this design at this time.

Indulge in the ultimate convenience and style with our bundles – because sometimes, one of everything is exactly what you need!