Bento-Style Lunch Box 2 Compartment Collapsible Silicone

$29.95 $22.95

Introducing our whimsical 2 Compartment Collapsible Silicone Bento-Style Lunch Box for Kids, where delightful designs meet practicality! Crafted from premium, child-safe silicone, this lunch box is not only collapsible for easy storage but also adorned with fun themes like Dino, Ice Cream, Sports, Unicorns, and Rainbows.

Immerse your little one in a world of lunchtime magic with their favourite design, making every meal an adventure. The two compartments offer versatility in packing a variety of snacks while keeping flavours separate, ensuring a tasty and organized experience. Collapse it down effortlessly when empty, saving space in your bag or cupboard.

Say goodbye to mundane lunches and embrace the excitement of themed designs. From prehistoric pals to sweet treats and magical creatures, our lunch box adds an extra layer of joy to mealtime. Functional, fun, and collapsible – it's the perfect lunchtime companion for every imaginative child.

Choose from our enchanting designs and make lunchtime a celebration with the 2 Compartment Collapsible Silicone Bento-Style Lunch Box for Kids – where practicality meets playfulness!